How do you describe instructional design?

One of the questions I asked in season 1 is, how do you describe what you do? I’ve closed the responses from season 1 and the first episode of season 2.

The way I’ve described what instructional design to neighbors is that it’s really working with a subject matter expert or a faculty member to achieve their teaching goals that using the backgrounds that I have in learning and in design of learning, I want to help them achieve what they’re trying to do.

Karin Bellnier

I try to describe it as simply as possible and say I create training products, training or training experiences for people at the airport for all airport employees to help improve their performance or for compliance purposes and all kinds of stuff.

Darlesa Cahoon

You talk with professors and faculty who are often new to online learning, and you convince them that yes, you can do it and it will work out great for you. Some of them are often not used to teaching online, so they’re very frightened of it.

Matt Crosslin

I describe my role almost always as I work with faculty to think about teaching and learning, typically through the use of tools and those tools include everything from pen and pad up to virtual reality and my goal is to find the right balance between the pedagogy, the technology and the students.

Lance Eaton

What I do is I work with faculty. I coach them in a university to help them produce effective, measurable and engaging learning experiences for their students.

Caroline Frankel

We would partner to engineer the space, build the space, the learning experiences and set things up for good, enjoyable, engaging human learning experience.

Terry Greene

I would describe an instructional designer as someone who solves problems using training. It’s also the design, the development and the delivery of training.

Arthur Harrington

I work in learning and development, help people just learn how to do their jobs and be successful in the work that they do.

Julie Havill

The best way I describe what instructional design is to people who have never heard of it before is to give examples of the work that I do.

Rob Pearson

I help faculty build online courses and use the technology to be as effective and efficient as possible.

Paula Thorsland
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How do you describe instructional design? What elements do you have in common with the authors above?

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Demystifying Instructional Design

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