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Lately I’ve been working on vision and mission statements for Treehouse Village Ecohousing, which as got me thinking about what my vision and mission would be for Demystifying Instructional Design. I’m drawing from the book Many Voices One Song: Shared power with Sociocracy by Ted Rau and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez. In the book, they use the following sentences to describe vision, mission, and aim.

In thinking about the vision of Demystifying instructional design, I was reminded of a couple of interviews I did (one for season 1 and one for season 2).


This led me to my initial draft of a vision “To have the profession of instructional design to be so familiar that a five year old says ‘I want to be an instructional designer when I grow up'”. However, I know that is an unrealistic expectation. Instructional Design is focused on adult education, so children will likely have no reason for that exposure. More realistically, it would be great if most adults knew what an instructional designer was. This has led to the following vision:

Vision: Adults know what instructional design is.

Now with that vision articulated, I am asking “how will I go about making that vision true?”, this outlines what my mission is.

Mission: To share the many different aspects of instructional design.

After the mission comes the aim, which outlines how you will go about doing the mission. In my case, my aim is all about interviewing instructional designers.

Aim: Interview instructional designers about what they do.

It has been an interesting experience creating the vision, mission, and aim as it had helped me focus where I will go with my episodes in season 2 and beyond. I do think I’ll add additional aims, as writing blog posts is also part of sharing what instructional designers do.

What do you think of my vision, mission, and aim statements? What would you do to try to achieve the vision?

I'd love to hear your thoughts

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